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About Us

In life, Alphas strive to be the top, Betas are content going with the flow and Sigmas, well, we just don’t fit the mold.

Sigma Jewels personifies the individual who just don’t fit societies ideas of who they should be and pride themselves on respect for others and philanthropy. Someone who wears Sigma Jewels is confident, self-reliant and independent and growth is the basis of their mindset. When you wear Sigma Jewels, it signals to the world that you know who you are.

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Our Designs

Our iconic design features combined Greek letters that symbolize Sigma. The Sigma symbols (Σ and σ) have been held in high importance since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, Sigma was printed on coins and was prominently displayed in architectural designs.

Our Mission

An integral part of Sigma Jewels is the Salt of the Earth Foundation (SOTE). The mission of SOTE is two fold. One to address housing insecurity in Northern Maine and food insecurity in St. Maarten.

For every sale, 10% will be donated to SOTE. To find out more about SOTE, visit

About our use of semi precious stones like cubic zirconia and crystals.

 Over the years, we have come to learn of the heinous ways diamonds and precious stones have been mined and the grave effects it has on the surrounding communities. In the solidarity’s we with conflict free diamond movement, we aim to use materials that are are not tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation, and other issues.

 In the future we will offer designs with diamonds but this will be after careful evaluation of  the practices of the numerous precious stone suppliers.

Sigma represents a shielding constant and at Sigma Jewels we want to be a constant in your life, helping you shine in all stage of life and at every occasion.



For most of my life I have struggled with having sensitive ears and not being able to wear any earrings or jewelery. Sigma Jewels is the only brand I have been able to wear with no reactions. The earrings are high quality and a nice weight. They feel very high end. I highly recommend this company not only for their unique jewelry, but also their mission!

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